Birthing Consultation

Giving birth is a unique and different experience for each new mom.

For most women, homeopathic medicine can help enormously in the lead up to and during childbirth, empowering you through this natural process, as well as  assisting and alleviating symptoms throughout the post-natal stage.

 Homeopathy can be very easily incorporated into your birth plan.

During a ‘Birthing Consultation’ we discuss any previous birth experiences, the key remedies most often used for the differing situations that may occur during and post childbirth.

These include remedies to support:

  • the general expected tiredness, bruised and sore muscles

  • breech or posterior presentations

  • initiating strong and sustained contractions 

  • efficient and effective dilation

  • after-pains

  • fears & anxieties

  • transition

  • caesarean section

  • epidural

  • + more


Remedy kits are also available for purchase or hire. (subject to availability).


Homeopathic can also help for breastfeeding problems

Homeopathy can greatly help mothers with nursing and breastfeeding difficulties.  These include mastitis, painful sore nipples, reduced milk supply, over abundant milk supply or emotional difficulties breastfeeding or bonding with baby, as well as the stages that follow on post birth and into childhood for both mother & baby.