Homeopathic Remedy Kits are an effective and natural alternative to alleviate many illnesses and complaints.


Homeopathy can be used from day one: in newborns, right through to early adolescence, adulthood and our senior years.

The remedies in the kits can help with numerous common complaints such as teething, colic, jaundice, nappy rash, worms, sleeping problems, cough, colds and flu’s, to basic first aid treatment of accidents, injuries, burns etc.as well as assisting in childbirth.

Whilst chronic conditions should be treated by a fully qualified health care professional; pregnant or otherwise, acute or minor complaints can be helped with Homeopathy if you have your own kit to self-prescribe from. 

Home prescribing can be very rewarding but if in doubt, contact Donna, your own Homeopath or local Health Professional for advice.