Vaccination / Immunisation / Homeoprophylaxis 

As parents, the responsibility to protect your children as they grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually 

until they are able to make choices for themselves, is enormous.

One of the most difficult health decisions you as a parent must make is how to safely and effectively immunize your child.


There are medical, social, political, moral and ethical elements to consider, and these considerations are different for everyone, therefore, there can be no absolute right or wrong. In addition, finding informative data on which to base that decision can be difficult.

I believe:

  • Parents have a right to make their own informed choice about whether to vaccinate their child or not.

  • Parents should make an informed decision about all of the options available and choose the method/s they feel most comfortable with and that is best for their child: record what they have completed and pass this information on to their child as they grow older and take responsibility for their own health.

  • No matter what your decision, whether it is based on informed choice, fear or ignorance, the only person you have to justify your decision to, is yourself and your child.

  • Be proud you have done the research and acted responsibly for the highest good of your child, based on options, information & knowledge available at the time.


Vaccination / Immunisation / Homeopathic Prophylaxis Options

The most common seven options taken with regards to vaccinating/immunising your child are:

  1. Fully conventionally vaccinated

  2. Not vaccinated at all

  3. Homeopathic Prophylaxis as an alternative to the conventional vaccination schedule 

  4. Vaccinating conventionally for some diseases, not vaccinating for others

  5. Using some Homeopathic prophylaxis medicines for certain diseases and not others

  6. To vaccinate conventionally & then support your child with Homeopathic medicines or supplements to lessen possible side effects and prepare your child’s immune and nervous systems, both pre and post conventional vaccination.

  7. Use a combination of all these methods

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Homeopathic Prophylaxis (Homeoprophylaxis or HP)

  • Rachel Gleeson’s article – Vaccination - Making an Informed Decision discusses in more depth the topic of Vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis including:

 - Vaccination – Some Unknown Facts

 - Homeopathic Prophylaxis - Understand how Homeopathic Prophylaxis (HP) works

 - Other Natural Forms Of Protection

 - If You Do Decide To Conventionally Vaccinate


  • Dr Isaac Golden, Homoeoprophylaxis and links to his Research and Videos

Conventional Immunisation and Vaccination in New Zealand

  • NZ’s Immunisation Schedule

  • The Immunisation Advisory Centre

  • Immunisation handbook for New Zealand & Health Department Vaccination Links 


Plus Other websites (also with links to additional articles), books and agencies you may choose to consider in your ongoing education.

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Can Homeopathy help people who have had a severe reaction to a vaccination?

There are recorded cases of people making recoveries with homeopathic medicines following a bad reaction to a vaccination. Expert advice from a registered homeopath is usually required.

You may choose to read Vaccine Damaged Children: Treatment, Prevention, Reasons’ by Dr Isaac Golden.


This web page is intended to be neither pro nor against conventional or alternative treatments.

There is a wide range of information around Conventional Vaccination available and accessible already via the internet, therefore there are more links to harder to find Vaccination, Immunisation, Homeopathic Prophylaxis, Alternative sites listed here.

It is designed to provide links to access a variety of viewpoints to add to your knowledge base and by no means contains all information sites available.

As a Homeopath, I will honour the informed decision you have made for you and your child and will support you through

either the Conventional Health Department programme or with Dr Isaac Golden’s Homeoprophylaxis programme.


In the end, the decision around vaccination for your child is in your hands, after considering all the options and the effects of them.

There is no easy answer or right or wrong choice, as all options have points for and against them.​


Again, it cannot be stressed enough that you should make an informed decision about all of the options available to you and

choose the method/s that you feel most comfortable with and feel is best for your child.