Constitutional Consultation

In order to select a curative & effective Homeopathic Remedy it is important to

assess what is happening for you, your health concerns currently & from the past.


The first consultation covers your current complaints, concerns, anxieties & stresses that impact your life on a Physical as well as Mental & Emotional level.

This differs to that of many other Health Professionals, as we look at the individual symptoms that are unique to you, including many of the unusual, quirky symptoms, sensations & feelings experienced as well as those things that make you feel better or worse – those special things that make you... you!
There are many thousand remedies to choose from that may best fit your symptoms, however there is ONE remedy that will have a most significant impact & elicit deeper healing, affecting your entire being; a little like the ripple effect after dropping a pebble into a pond.

Your Homeopathic Remedy is selected after careful consideration, examination & analysis of all your symptoms. 

A personalised Essence may also be prescribed. This has been described by clients as being 'similar to ©Rescue Remedy', only that it is individualised and specific to your unique situation.

Your bottle of Essence acts in a complimentary manner to your Homeopathic remedy & is an invaluable & powerful tool to assist you in remaining calm & centred especially if under pressure or in times of emotion, struggle & stress. It  also helps to offer an increase in perception, objectivity, self awareness & inner strength.

Whatever your individual needs are, Donna will work with you to help bring about awareness & change, growth & healing, with her caring, nurturing & gentle way & her powerful, potent sessions.

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1 hour 30 is allocated for both an adult and child for the constitutional consultation

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