Remedy Kits

Homeopathic Remedy Kits are an effective and natural alternative to alleviate many illnesses and complaints.


Homeopathy can be used from day one: in newborns, right through to early adolescence, adulthood and our senior years.

The remedies in the kits can help with numerous common complaints such as teething, colic, jaundice, nappy rash, worms, sleeping problems, cough, colds and flu’s, to basic first aid treatment of accidents, injuries, burns well as assisting in childbirth.

Whilst chronic conditions should be treated by a fully qualified health care professional; pregnant or otherwise, acute or minor complaints can be helped with Homeopathy if you have your own kit to self-prescribe from. 

Home prescribing can be very rewarding but if in doubt, contact Donna, your own Homeopath or local Health Professional for advice.

-Birthing Kit
-First Aid conditions
- General Remedy Kit for the whole Family - Babies, Children & Adults 
- Homeoprophylaxis/Immunisation Kits
- Sports Packs – Made up specifically to suit your sports code
- Animal Packs & books are also available to order.

- Or other kits made up to your individual preference.

BIRTHING - $72.00

12 Remedies as Pillules in vials–  covering most of the Leading remedies to assist in the natural process of Child Birth 

A birthing consultation is strongly reccomended to assist in your understanding of when and how to use these remedies . 


12 or 25 Remedy Packs as Pillules in vials– which covers most of the First Aid/First Response/Accident type remedies


75 Remedies as Pillules in vials – which covers most General Family ailments including Childhood and First Aid remedies.

Included within this version is a great Self Study Guide/ Homeopathic Handbook, which covers selection and administration of remedies, information about all 75 of the remedies, (Materia Medica) as well as the different remedies that can be used for each situation (therapeutics). 


27 Remedies & potencies  as Pillules in vials to complete Dr Isaac Goldens Homeoprophylaxis programme and includes the additional remedies & potencies within the New  Zealand Immunisation Schedule.

To ensure you are confident and fully understand how to use Dr Golden's programme, a Homeoprophylaxis Consultation appointment is required before purchasing this kit. Appointments are available in clinic or via Skype

Pillule Remedies

When purchased within a kit, the remedies are $6.00 per vial remedy.

When purchased separately, remedy vials are $6.50 each.

Clients will often order or reorder the remedies used regularly (for example: Arnica) in 10ml plastic pottles, from which to top up the small vials when empty. $10.00 each


Liquid  Remedies

If you want remedies made up as liquids, these are available in 10ml glass bottles with a dispensing dropper.

When purchased within a kit, the liquid remedies are $12.50 per remedy.

When purchased separately, liquid remedies are $15.00 each.

All prices exclude courier costs.

Remedy kits are presented in a plastic or lidded cardboad container or travel pouch and are made to order. 

Delivery time will vary depending on clinic days, however they are usually completed within the week. (public holidays & other breaks excluded)

Contact us about ordering Homeopathic Remedy Kits.