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Meet Donna Flavell

Natural Health Specialist

Donna is a leader in ‘Self Development & Empowerment’ and has an amazing ability of finding the cause behind your problems; helping to bring an awareness as to why they exist. Together, these insights and Homeopathic remedies facilitate healing & transformation on all levels - physical, mental, emotional & spiritual: on the whole being, hence the term Holistic Healing.

Teaching, passing on her knowledge & empowering others is also something that is of great importance to Donna.

Whatever your individual needs are, whether it be 1-1 or within a group, Donna will work with you to help bring about change, growth & healing; with her caring, nurturing & gentle way & her powerful, potent sessions, you won’t be disappointed.

 What is

Homeopathy is essentially a natural healing process, providing remedies to assist the patient to regain health by stimulating the body's natural healing forces. It concentrates on

treating the patient, rather than the disease.

It is natural, gentle, cost-effective, non-habit forming, and able to be used for adults, children, babies, seniors, unconscious patients & animals.


Homeopathic Remedy Kits are great to have on hand to help alleviate many illnesses and complaints  from birth right through to adolescence, adulthood & our senior years.

Home prescribing using the medicines in the kit can assist in many areas of life such as teething, colic, jaundice, nappy rash to worms, sleeping problems, sports injuries, giving birth,  cough, colds and flu’s, to first aid treatment of accidents, injuries, burns etc.

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"Seeing Donna was my last hope to improve our daughter's behavioural issues before going down the path of conventional medicine which surely would have resulted in the prescription of retalin or something similar.

 The difference the chosen remedy made on our daughter's behaviour was incredible! "

— E.R

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